Gender Equity

Description of SVG

FIP’s Gender Equity programme is a transformative initiative dedicated to fostering gender equity in the pharmacy workforce. Our program is committed to promoting a more inclusive and balanced environment within the pharmacy profession by advocating for gender-responsive workforce policies.

Programme objectives: 

  1. Engage with members to identify key issues around gender equity in the pharmacy workforce. 
  2. Collate data and evidence on gender equity in the pharmacy workforce. 
  3. Provide recommendations, tools, and guidelines to support the development of gender-responsive workforce policies in pharmacy.

Vaccinations and the genders: Examining inequities in gender access and handling of vaccinations globally to inform pharmacy policy

10 August 2021 

Examines inequities in gender access to vaccines to inform pharmacy policy.

Empowering women as informal caregivers

Women are the non-professional caregivers closest to healthcare professionals and, more often than not, are the ones who go to pharmacies and assume responsibilities for health in the household. In general, women tend to seek treatment and go to doctors’ or pharmacy’s offices more frequently than men do. In the United States, about 75% of family caregivers are women, and approximately 25% are spouses.1 With the population ageing, women are increasingly volunteering to care for their elderly family members. FIP’s  report “Pharmacists supporting women and responsible use of medicines” showcases how pharmacists should work to empower women in their role as an informal caregiver, to communicate to women the need to be informed about medicines and to support their health literacy, in order for them to be able to positively influence others. By intervening with compassion and providing information, resources, and support, pharmacists may positively affect care recipients and their caregivers.