Gender Pain Gap

Description of SVG

FIP’s gender pain gap programme is dedicated to addressing the gender pain gap in health and pharmacy. This programme is committed to closing the disparities in the way pain is understood and treated, particularly with respect to gender. 

Programme objectives: 

  1. Identify the main reasons for and implications of the gender pain gap
  2. Discuss the role of pharmacy in reducing the gender pain gap
  3. Develop tools and resources for pharmacy

The role of pharmacists in closing the gender pain gap: Report from an international insight board


This report outlines the insights, potential lessons learned and ideas for ways forward for the pharmacy profession regarding the gender pain gap. The issues were discussed at the FIP insight board on the gender pain gap organized at the FIP Congress 2022 in Seville, Spain.


The role of pharmacists in closing the gender pain gap

27  January 2023 

This event aims to:

1) Define gender pain gap.

2) Increase awareness about gender pain gap.

3) Describe how pharmacists can be supported to address the issue.

4) Describe the knowledge and training for pharmacists to close the gender pain gap.